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Franchising Wolverine

For some time, the X-Men comics were in an odd place because the Chairman of Marvel Entertainment hated the idea of providing Fox more content to adapt for films and TV. Disney’s purchase of Fox eliminates that concern, so one … Continue reading

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First Weekend of August Round-Up

Jack Kirby’s Argo art sold better than expected. The cover for Dark Knight Returns #2 went for over half a million dollars. The original art market interests me, just because I think it’s really going to explode in the future. The most interesting man … Continue reading

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Other Comic Books Read In July 2013

I read The Ultimates #1-13 on the Fourth of July. It’s still great, a bit like League of Extraordinary Gentleman as the government assembles a team of flawed iconic figures, with a clash of personalities. It might have been short … Continue reading

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July 23 2013 Line-Up

David Jablow turned a cheesy pinup into some more imaginative images, posting 15 of those on his website. Comic Book Resources kicks off its list of the best X-Men stories. Anthony Weiner is Carlos Danger, and someone did a mock … Continue reading

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Comics Read in June 2013

Thanks to decompression, cinematic storytelling or whatever you want to call it, I’m probably going to read about 4,000 comics this year. Here’s this month’s tally. Action Comics (New 52) #1-18, 0 There are a few flaws with Morrison’s Superman … Continue reading

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Wizard’s Favorite Comic Book Characters

Entertainment Weekly is making a good case for taking some of my money with a new issue with lists of their favorite movies, TV shows, albums and books. I know it’s shamless and arbitrary, but I do like these kind … Continue reading

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X-Men 101: Introduction To Mutants

This was an interesting twist on superheroes, exploring what happened when people got amazing powers at birth, and were thrust into a world that feared that hating them. Some became heroes, some became villains and a few just looked out … Continue reading

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