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Movies Watched in 2017 Part 4

Earlier in the year, I set a goal of watching at least 100 films, and to make sure it includes some older stuff, included an additional challenge of focusing on at least ten films per decade (counting the 2010s as … Continue reading

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July 31 2013 Round-Up

Beer Labels in motion is a fun blog. Malcolm Jones has a list of the best Woody Allen films. I’ve been enjoying the recent comics related editions of the Nerdist Writers Panel podcast. It is kinda funny how Len Wein … Continue reading

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Round-Up July 05 2013 Edition

150 years ago, a hell of a speech was printed in all of the newspapers in the United States. A top comics blog has quietly come to an end. A 75 year old British comic series also seems to have … Continue reading

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Superman 101: Introduction to the Man of Steel

Today is considered the 75th anniversary of the publication of Action Comics #1, with the first appearance of Superman (and Lois Lane.) That new¬†Man of Steel trailer looks rather impressive. So there’s likely to be a high amount of interest … Continue reading

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Ranking the New 52: The Top 5

My ranking of the first wave of DC’s New 52 titles is finished. Here are the top five. 5. Batwoman JH Williams likes doing horizontal spreads, but he paces those as if it’s an ordinary page. As a result, this … Continue reading

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