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Our Society Is Deeply Flawed And Yours Is Fine: Cultural Relativism Explained

This was something I wrote for a class on the philosophical foundations of education. Cultural relativism is the proposition that the actions of individuals can be understood only within the context of their culture, and that no culture is inherently … Continue reading

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When the Same People Keep Winning Emmys

The Emmys are notorious for rewarding the same people over and over again. Yesterday might have been the most egregious example. Seven of the eight actors to win for their performances in dramas and comedies had won the same Emmys … Continue reading

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What to Watch: West Wing

Earlier, I mentioned West Wing as a show that had survived the departure of a popular showrunner. It’s one of my favorite television programs ever, and available on netflix, although a few episodes aren’t worth watching. On President’s Day, it seems … Continue reading

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Community and the showrunner problem

Yesterday was the first episode of Community after showrunner Dan Harmon got fired. It was okay, although I’m slightly worried about what’s coming next. It’s difficult to appreciate the episode on its own merits, when you’re aware of all the … Continue reading

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How Qualified Were Fictional Presidents?

Earlier, I ranked the 43 Presidents based on their qualifications for the office, from most experienced to least. Now, I’m going to consider the records of fictional commanders-in-chief. Their ranking represents their position compared to actual Presidents. Josiah Bartlett (West Wing) … Continue reading

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