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Films Seen in 2020 Part 6

This is a continuation of observations on films I’ve seen this year. The sub-goals are 5 films with Michelle Williams, 5 films with Casey Affleck (I’ve been slacking with watching more recent work so picking these two seems like a … Continue reading

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If I Wrote Spider-Man 4

If I had written Spider-Man 3, it would have ended with a few unresolved cliffhangers. Spider-Man and Mary Jane are worried because Harry Osborn is on the loose as the new Green Goblin. They’re unaware that Eddie Brock, a suicidal … Continue reading

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Spider-Man Comics Read in March 2013

And I also read some Spider-Man comics in March. Venom #32: Solid mostly self-contained issue as Flash Thompson gets used to his new life in Philadelphia, and fights a mostly generic villain, while Bunn and co. lay the seeds for the battle … Continue reading

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Venom and Carnage, A History Lesson

It’s worth looking at the histories of Venom and Carnage, as it’s something that writers and editors can learn from. It  provides a model of how the company responded to two breakout villains, the mistakes they made and the things … Continue reading

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The Infinite Venom

When deciding the ideal direction of the Spider-Man titles, there isn’t much of a point to making declarations about most of the villains. I’d rather Doctor Octopus not be killed off, but it ultimately doesn’t matter. He’s replaceable, as are … Continue reading

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Was Joe Quesada a Hypocrite?

Was Joe Quesada a hypocrite for Spider-Man: One More Day considering other developments, like Mac Gargan becoming Venom, or Aunt May learning Peter’s secret identity? Continue reading

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Is Peter Parker Doomed to Never Get the Girl?

Since One More Day, some readers came to the understanding that Peter Parker won’t get the girl, be it Mary Jane or anyone else. I didn’t think much of it. The logic behind the decision was that there are more … Continue reading

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On Bringing Back Ben Reilly

I’m ambivalent on the question of whether Ben Reilly should be resurrected. In superhero comics, there are ways to circumvent a character dissolving into dust. That’s not the problem. It could always be revealed that another clone, or an entity … Continue reading

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Morbius for Amazing Spider-Man 2?

I’d say there’s a new suspect for the villain of The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Morbius, the Living Vampire. A few weeks ago, Stan Lee said that Morbius was one villain he would like to see on film. It’s a slightly unusual answer … Continue reading

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Avoiding Remakes in The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

There’s a flaw with my hunch that Sony’s going to use the next Spider-Man film to adapt the Ultimate Venom saga. It means that significant chunks of every film in the new trilogy will be spent revisiting things that viewers … Continue reading

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