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Tangled Webs: What Was The Best “Typical” Spider-Man Story?

This was a question I asked in a column for the Crawlspace. For many of these articles, I’ve looked at the most acclaimed Spider-Man stories. And some of those have been the kind of stuff that can’t happen any issue. … Continue reading

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Spider-Man Comics Read in June 2013

Read a bunch of Spider-Man comics last month. Superior Spider-Man #11-12 Solid death-trap and threat for Spidey. Some good moments with Jonah, as he starts going way too far, offering payoff to events set up by Slott years ago. The Lizard cameo … Continue reading

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The Superhero’s Eternal Struggle

One time when I was in high school, I was walking to the subway with Charles, a classmate, and made a detour at St. Mark’s Comics for the latest issue of Spider-Man. Charles had a question that made me think … Continue reading

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Why Good Writers Aren’t Enough

Many fans viewed any fix of the Spider‑Man books circa 2006 as unnecessary, arguing that the only thing the book requires is a good writer, who can make any status quo compelling. In this case, if a decade of Peter … Continue reading

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This Should Be Reprinted #2: Marcos Martin’s Spider-Man

Technically, Marcos Martin’s work on Spider-Man has been reprinted in numerous Post-Brand New Day chronological collections. But I’d like to see it it all in one giant oversized hardcover, or possibly two smaller volumes. I could understand if it’s decided … Continue reading

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