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Politics Round-Up August 19 2013 Edition

Cracked reminds us that the world isn’t all that bad, compared to that horrible place called the past. Paul Waldman of the American Prospect considers the issue of morally compromised art, and the impact on the upcoming Ender’s Game adaptation, … Continue reading

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Politics Round-up July 25 2013

In a post about Ted Cruz, Jonathan Bernstein defends George McGovern who lost 49 states against Richard Nixon in 1972. Beyond that, it’s not clear that reputation for ideological extremism was McGovern’s main problem that year. The Democrats really were … Continue reading

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Politics Round-Up July 16 2013 Edition

Most of the interesting links today seem political.¬†Apparently, I use the world’s best razor. Democrat Terry McAuliffe currently leads in Virginia’s gubernatorial election.¬†McAuliffe had lost in the 2009 primary to State Senator Creigh Deeds, who then went on to lose … Continue reading

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Politics Round-Up July 15 2013

With Brian Schweitzer’s decision not to run for Senate in Montana, Nate Silver thinks Republicans have an even chance of gaining enough seats to have a majority.¬†Republican strategists are optimistic. Joe Concha thinks that the media sensationalized the trial of … Continue reading

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