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Paul Giamatti as The Rhino?

With the news that Paul Giamatti is in talks to play the Rhino in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, we’re getting more information about the shape of the film. The addition of another villain makes sense with the narrative they’re going for with … Continue reading

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Another direction for the Amazing Spider-Man Films?

Earlier, I considered where the Marc Webb/ Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider-Man films could go after the current trilogy comes to an end, noting that Kraven the Hunter could be the villain of a multi-film storyline. But there is another possible … Continue reading

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If I Wrote The Amazing Spider-Man 3

My explanation of what could be done in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 did not resolve many of the open questions that need to be answered in the current trilogy.  The introductions of the Daily Bugle, Venom, Mary Jane and Harry Osborn … Continue reading

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A Venom Film Trilogy?

Yesterday, I considered how The Amazing Spider-Man 2 could be used to introduce Venom, and set up a later franchise. This is a priority for Sony, as Amazing Spider-Man producers Avi Arad and Matthew Tomach have been working on plans for a Venom … Continue reading

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The next Batman film series

The Dark Knight Rises was a fitting conclusion to Nolan’s Batman trilogy. The problem with that is that DC and film audiences want more Batman films. After the success of the Avengers, the preference would be for the new films … Continue reading

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National Tragedies and Comedy

Dane Cook made a joke about the Aurora, Colorado shooting. And some people are upset. It’s currently on the front page of the Huffington Post and the Drudge Report. I’m not a fan of Dane Cook, nor do I agree … Continue reading

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