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Will Spider-Man be in Avengers 2?

I don’t know if they’ll succeed, but I’m sure that Sony and Disney will try to come together for something that’s a clear a win-win for both movie studios: Having Spider-Man join the Avengers in The Avengers 2. It’s a long-shot, but … Continue reading

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Amazing Spider-Man Review Part 2: So Was It Good?

I’ll admit that I’m easily pleased as far as superhero films go. I will be satisfied by a competently made film, such as Thor or the  Daredevil Director’s Cut, and The Amazing Spider-Man is slightly better than that. In the context of the genre, it’s good but … Continue reading

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Amazing Spider-Man Review Part 1: The Source Material

I just saw The Amazing Spider-Man, and I’m going to split the review into two parts. First, I’ll look at some of the choices Director Marc Webb and Writer James Vanderbilt made regarding their incorporation of the source material: the … Continue reading

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The Comic Books That Influenced The Amazing Spider-Man

This is going to include some spoilers for the Amazing Spider-Man film. It’s a list of the comic books that seem to have influenced Director Marc Webb, as well as writers James Vanderbilt, Alvin Sargent and Steve Kloves. As should be obvious, a … Continue reading

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How would a Doctor Who movie series work?

David Yates, the director of the last four Harry Potter features, announced his intentions to develop a film version of Doctor Who. Cinematic adaptations of ongoing television series are usually set in the world of the show with the same … Continue reading

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