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July 21 2013 Round-Up

R.I.P.D. joins a long line of Dark Horse properties to flop as films. The film features Ryan Reynolds as a young police officer killed in the line of duty who remains a cop in the afterline, partnered with a Wild West … Continue reading

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More Questions About Peter Parker

There are a few smaller decisions about Peter Parker’s character that the next Spider-Man writers may touch on. Although it’s just as easy to ignore completely most of the time. The Parents On his now-deleted formspring account, Dan Slott was … Continue reading

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Electro for Amazing Spider-Man 2?

It’s widely reported that Electro will be the villain in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and that Jamie Foxx is in talks to play him. It’s an interesting choice, and not what I expected, as evident by previous pieces on Ultimate … Continue reading

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Another direction for the Amazing Spider-Man Films?

Earlier, I considered where the Marc Webb/ Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider-Man films could go after the current trilogy comes to an end, noting that Kraven the Hunter could be the villain of a multi-film storyline. But there is another possible … Continue reading

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Kraven the Hunter as Amazing Spider-Man’s Next Big Bad

Kraven the Hunter has become a top-tier Spider-Man villain due primarily to the strength of one story in the comics. But his arc could easily be incorporated into 2-3 films, along with a few other villains. This would be a … Continue reading

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A Venom Film Trilogy?

Yesterday, I considered how The Amazing Spider-Man 2 could be used to introduce Venom, and set up a later franchise. This is a priority for Sony, as Amazing Spider-Man producers Avi Arad and Matthew Tomach have been working on plans for a Venom … Continue reading

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If I Wrote The Amazing Spider-Man 2

If I see a superhero film, my first instinct is to wonder what I would have done if I was in charge. And then I consider what I would do if hired to write the sequel. So here would be … Continue reading

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Three Act Structure 3.4: The Final Minutes

The second act usually ends with the protagonist(s) on the verge of defeat, before something happens that brings hope of the possibility of victory. But it can’t be easy or certain. For much of the third act, the antagonists still … Continue reading

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What has to happen in the next Amazing Spider-Man films?

Sony just announced that The Amazing Spider-Man is meant to be the first of a trilogy. If so, there’s a lot of ground for the next two films to cover. The people at Sony likely have no problem with continuing … Continue reading

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Three-Act Structure 3.3: The Final Challenge

Due to the sense of acceleration, McKee argues in Story that the last act of the film should be the shortest: possibly 20 minutes or less of a two-hour film. (219) He describes the third act climax is the obligatory … Continue reading

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