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Movies Watched in 2018 Part 1

I’m trying again this year to keep track of the movies I watch with the annual goal of ten movies per decade (counting the silent era up until 1929 as one full decade. Since I might’ve overlooked films from the early … Continue reading

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Why is The Last Jedi (Allegedly) So Controversial?

Right now, there’s a debate about whether Star Wars: The Last Jedi is controversial, and what that means. The Rotten Tomatoes audience score is low, but some alt-right trolls are taking credit for that. The movie isn’t making as much … Continue reading

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What Marvel’s Missing

  With C.B. Cebulski replacing Alex Alonso as the new Marvel Editor-in-Chief, it’s worth looking at the steps the company can take to regain their mojo. Some of Marvel’s franchises aren’t doing too well (The Avengers and X-Men, the books … Continue reading

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Academy Award Predictions

With the Oscar nominations coming out, I’m going to make my educated guess on who is going to be happiest tomorrow. Best Picture I’m guessing all five SAG nominees get nominated in a larger group, so that would be Beasts … Continue reading

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August 8 2013 Film Round-Up

Recently discovered The Dissolve, which has a lot of good writing on film, as well as links to interesting stuff. Some of the links will be from there. I really like their movie of the week series, which recently resulted in … Continue reading

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They Neutered Mary Jane

Priest, formerly the Spider-Man writer/ editor named James Owsley, described how Mary Jane had changed from the 1960s to the 2000s. My favorite line is bolded. I’m not sure where the misfire was on Mary Jane. MJ was a man-eater: a … Continue reading

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Pop Culture Futurist #3: More on Super-franchises

There’s much that can be done with super-franchises, when multiple film series are set within the same interconnected world. And I think we’re going to see film studios doing this. They’ve yet to fully realize the possibilities that have been opened … Continue reading

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Three-Act Structure: The Feedback Loop

One critique of three-act structure is that the idea is self-perpetuating. Because there’s an industry of books about the subject, aspiring writers are likely to format their work in this particular way, even if it isn’t otherwise advantageous. George Lucas … Continue reading

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Three Act Structure 1.1: The Inciting Incident

In a film, the inciting incident is the moment that kicks everything off. In his book A Hero With a Thousand Faces, it’s what Joseph Campbell refers to as the blunder that starts the fairy tale. Though he thinks there’s a subconscious … Continue reading

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