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Movies Watched in 2017 Part 1

  I set a challenge for myself on a message board this year to watch at least 100 movies. And as a way to encourage myself to watch older movies, I went with a sub-challenge of picking ten films per … Continue reading

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Round-Up June 28 2013

This website has a lot of Star Trek screenshots. John Byrne got inspired to try his hand at photonovels to see if he could construct a “missing” episode. And this resulted in a new project from IDW. 25 bike cops doing … Continue reading

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Recommended June 3 2013

The AV Club considers the shortcomings of Star Trek: Voyager. Still, Voyager’s ratings declined in tandem with its four-year project to defang the Borg, and its final two seasons underperformed Deep Space Nine at its lowest. After the new Star Trek standard of seven seasons, Voyager ended … Continue reading

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Lens Flares and Star Trek

I can understand the artistic reason for putting it in the films, but there is no reason for lens flare in a Star Trek comic book.   This is just excessive, and not photoshopped. You could play count the lens … Continue reading

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