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Wizard’s How to Fix Spider-Man Circa 1997

The other Wizard article on Spider-Man that probably influenced my take on the character  was their take on Spider-Man from 1997.           Wizard continued their affair with Roger Stern’s Amazing Spider-Man, including seven panels from the … Continue reading

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Getting the Supporting Cast Right

Supporting characters are pretty useful in serials. It helps to have a handful of characters as Peter’s primary supporting cast, for him to interact with in most stories. This provides touchstones, along with a sense of consistency and consequence, as these … Continue reading

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Spider-Man’s Supporting Cast

Anyone in charge of the Spider-Man books is going to need a plan for the supporting cast. This is one category which has often been handled poorly. There have been some suggestions that the book should focus more on the supporting … Continue reading

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J Jonah Jamesons

While Peter Parker has held different occupations in the comics, his most recognizable employer remains J Jonah Jameson. The former Editor in Chief of the Daily Bugle, and the current mayor of the Marvel Universe’s New York City, fits perfectly … Continue reading

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Regression and the supporting cast

When Peter Parker’s marriage was erased, this was followed by some changes to the rest of the supporting cast, particularly Harry Osborn, Mary Jane and the Black Cat. One argument in favor of undoing One More Day and opting for … Continue reading

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Relying on the Supporting Cast

The last entry was about the argument that Peter Parker’s private life isn’t that important, because the book’s appeal is what he does as Spider-Man. A related suggestion is that because the book has such a great supporting cast, the … Continue reading

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