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Should Spider-Man borrow Doctor Who’s approach to rogues?

Perhaps there should be a rule that a majority of Spider-Man stories feature new opponents. So with Amazing Spider-Man‘s 24 issues an year, there would be a cap of 11 issues that could feature recurring villains. This way, a persistent reader … Continue reading

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One of the complaints against the current Spider-Man comics was that Peter Parker was turned into Archie Andrews, a character incapable of change of growth or change. For these readers, there’s no middle ground between a commitment to change approach, … Continue reading

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Remaking Indiana Jones and Doctor Who

I considered two questions recently: Should the Indiana Jones films ever be remade? Could there be an American version of Doctor Who? The answers were radically different. I’ve enjoyed the Indiana Jones films. Earlier today, I saw the IMAX re-release … Continue reading

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The Sherlock Holmes Guy’s Biggest Accomplishment

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is best known for Sherlock Holmes. That was always a sore spot for the physician writer, as he considered his various historical novels to be more “important” than his contributions to the mystery genre. Aside from … Continue reading

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