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Metsfilter May 30 Edition

“Stuff I Like” doesn’t quite seem like a good thing to call posts about music I heard, and articles I’ve read since it’s likely that at some point, I’ll find a well-written piece about something horrible. So for the moment, … Continue reading

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Six Potential Sequels to Lincoln

I really enjoyed Spielberg’s Lincoln. And it seems that I’m not the only one. The movie will probably net Daniel Day Lewis a third Academy Award. And it’s certainly profitable. So it wouldn’t surprise me if the studio is thinking … Continue reading

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The Tea Party, the 17th Amendment and Political Hacks

The Utah State Senate is currently considering a bill that orders state senators to fill secret ballots for future elections, to signal to the public whom they support.┬áIt’s seen as a throwback to the days before the direct election of … Continue reading

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