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Community and the showrunner problem

Yesterday was the first episode of Community after showrunner Dan Harmon got fired. It was okay, although I’m slightly worried about what’s coming next. It’s difficult to appreciate the episode on its own merits, when you’re aware of all the … Continue reading

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Superior Spider-Man and Mary Jane… An Update

Previously, I considered the speculation that Superior Spider-Man would feature a romantic relationship between Doctor Octopus, who possesses Spider-Man’s body, and Mary Jane, who is unaware of that fact.¬†There were concerns that this relationship, if consummated, would constitute rape. Dan … Continue reading

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The Bloodlust of JM DeMatteis

While writing about the Illusion of Change for the Infinite Spider-Man series, Thomas Mets considers the monumental changes in the Spider-Man comic of J.M.DeMatteis, killer of Harry Osborn and Aunt May. Continue reading

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Should Spider-Man borrow Doctor Who’s approach to rogues?

Perhaps there should be a rule that a majority of Spider-Man stories feature new opponents. So with¬†Amazing Spider-Man‘s 24 issues an year, there would be a cap of 11 issues that could feature recurring villains. This way, a persistent reader … Continue reading

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The Journey, The Destination and The Revolving Door

As part of the Infinite Spider-Man series, Thomas Mets considers whether the journety is more important than the destination. Continue reading

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