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Politics Round-Up August 19 2013 Edition

Cracked reminds us that the world isn’t all that bad, compared to that horrible place called the past. Paul Waldman of the American Prospect considers the issue of morally compromised art, and the impact on the upcoming Ender’s Game adaptation, … Continue reading

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Why Elizabeth Warren may be a major presidential contender

Earlier, I considered the demographic strengths of Deval Patrick, and the possibility that he would be a top-tier contender in the 2016 Democratic primary. He may have some opposition from his home state’s new senator. If Hillary Clinton doesn’t run for President … Continue reading

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It’s been a good week for Jon Huntsman

The last week has been pretty damn bad for Mitt Romney, Scott Brown and David Petraeus. And as a result, it’s been a good few days for John Huntsman. Huntsman’s chances of becoming President remain in the single digits. But … Continue reading

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Towards Better Political Advertising

Today, the campaigns of President Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney are back to negative advertising after a one-day hiatus on the anniversary of September 11. Cynics would say that it takes a horrible tragedy to get politicians to act like … Continue reading

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The Scott Brown VS Elizabeth Warren Litmus Test

According to the Boston Globe, the Democratic party seriously considered choosing Elizabeth Warren to give the 2012 Keynote speech. The responsibility went to a Texan mayor, which is probably a smart move. Warren will still have a major prime time role … Continue reading

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