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Sympathetic Villains in Serial Fiction

Some of the best villains are quite sympathetic. Khan had legitimate grievances in Star Trek II. Mrs. Danvers from Rebecca mourned her former boss. Frankenstein’s monster wasn’t the one who initiated the violence. Gollum was driven insane by the ring. Hans … Continue reading

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Spinoff Villains

A handful of Spider-Man villains are better known for their roles in other series. By far, the most successful is the Punisher. The question with this guy isn’t whether he’s good enough to belong on a list of the best Spider-Man characters, … Continue reading

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Other Spider-Man Villains

At this point, I’ll  say a few words on other prominent members of Spider-Man’s rogues gallery that don’t have their own monthly titles, and aren’t primarily known as Daredevil foes, symbiotes and goblins. The Lizard The antagonist of the most … Continue reading

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