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Films Seen in 2020 Part 2

This is a continuation of notes on films I’ve watched this year. There’s ample opportunity with the strong recommendation to stay indoors. I went with a few mini-goals: ten films from Roger Ebert’s selection of great movies, five films by … Continue reading

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Things Roger Ebert Liked

A while back, I picked up Awake in the Dark: The Best of Roger Ebert. One section, which I had wrote about, included his favorite films to come out each year he was reviewing films. And there were some things I … Continue reading

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Roger Ebert and African-American Directors

This has been an interesting time for African-American directors. Despite #Oscarssowhite, Ava DuVarney had tremendous acclaim with Selma. Denzel Washington got a best picture nomination for his Fences adaptation, while getting Viola Davis a well-deserved Best Supporting Actress award. Barry … Continue reading

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Recommended June 4 2013

The Onion catalogued to the twitter war between President Obama ans the Audubon Society. A study looks at the workplace related costs of smoking. Even with the higher rates of death, it doesn’t save money. Many studies have shown that smokers … Continue reading

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Ebert’s Best Of

I’m reading Awake In The Dark: The Best of Roger Ebert, borrowed from my local library. The book is an interesting example of some of the problems inherent in assessing many ‘Best Of’ collections. It doesn’t seem to be a collection … Continue reading

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Review Scale

I can appreciate the concern that including grades in reviews of movies, films and comic books can be reductive, as some are just going to skip the commentary to see what score the work got. But it’s often useful. If … Continue reading

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