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Stuff I Like

Been meaning to try something like this. Andy Borowitz’s piece “Obama Denies Role in Government” should have been the basis for a Saturday Night Live sketch. Ted Nugent’s brother wrote an op-ed piece for the Washington Post. He does not … Continue reading

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The Democratic Party Leadership in House of Cards

House of Cards seems to be one of those shows tailor-made for me. But there’s one thing  it really gets wrong about the political party to which the main character belongs. In the series, the President is a middle-aged white … Continue reading

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Republicans After 2012

Rachel Maddow criticized Paul Ryan for acting as if he didn’t lose the 2012 election. And, even as they were “effectively running over Mr. Ryan’s budget,” as Maddow put it, the GOP’s plan was rejected. But now, Maddow noticed, Ryan … Continue reading

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Can anyone predict the 2016 Democratic nominee?

Joe Scarborough made the obvious point about Hillary Clinton’s status as the presumptive 2016 frontrunner: Wasn’t that also true in 2008? There are a few differences. She made some tactical errors in that campaign. And Barack Obama was almost built … Continue reading

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Politicians Agree

There is one thing everyone in politics seems to agree on. There is no problem with their policies. If they could just communicate those policies better, the American people would support them in their endeavors. As President Obama explained in … Continue reading

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Will Obama be the liberal Reagan?

After Obama’s inauguration speech, political pundits have started wondering whether he could be the liberal Reagan. Greg Sargent sums it up, although he prefers the term Anti-Reagan to Liberal Reagan. Little by little, it’s sinking in that Obama’s inaugural speech has … Continue reading

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Popular Former Presidents

In the 2012 presidential campaign, Bill Clinton proved his value as a surrogate. And it’s something rare in American politics: a popular energetic former president. This came with obvious partisan advantages. Clinton is a rare figure in contemporary American politics, … Continue reading

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African-American Democratic Presidential Candidates Post-Obama

Ben Smith of buzzfeed posits an interesting theory about presidential primaries with the linkbait headline “Why The Next President Will Probably Be Black Too.” But there are also strong reasons to believe that the Democratic nominee, at least, will be … Continue reading

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No More Evergreen

Sometimes there are holes in the schedule that have to be filled. This problem is exacerbated with higher output. In his 2006 Spider-Man Manifesto, Senior Editor Tom Brevoort offered a suggestion: Evergreen material. As a safeguard, we would also commission three to … Continue reading

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The implications of Obama’s Victory

President Obama won reelection, and many pundits and opinion writers are trying to argue about the significance of this. But it’s probably too early to tell. The 2012 Presidential election can fit three historic narratives. We won’t know for some time … Continue reading

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