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Oscar Ratings And Popular Films

The ratings for the most recent Academy Awards were the lowest-ever by a large margin. This leads to some questions about why that is. Is there too much focus on material that isn’t commercial? Is Hollywood liberalism turning off moderate … Continue reading

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That other movie about a child’s view of Louisiana

The similarities between Ben Zeitlin’s Best Picture/ Best Director/ Best Actress nominated Beasts of the Suthern Wild, and Robert J. Flaherty‘s Louisiana Story, once one of the most acclaimed movies ever, and now an example of how tastes in film have changed significantly.. Continue reading

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Petraeus the movie

As new details about David Petraeus’s sex scandal have emerged, I’ve started to realize that at some point, this should result in an at least one good movie. It’s a crazy story. One of the most respected men in the … Continue reading

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