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What Amazing Spider-Man 2 Skipped

Spoiler Warning: This post is going to deal mainly with the ending of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. So proceed at your own risk. In the comics, Gwen Stacy is famous for being the first love of Peter Parker’s life, and … Continue reading

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First Weekend of August Round-Up

Jack Kirby’s Argo art sold better than expected. The cover for Dark Knight Returns #2 went for over half a million dollars. The original art market interests me, just because I think it’s really going to explode in the future. The most interesting man … Continue reading

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2013 Comics in 2013 February Progress Report

Continuing my efforts to at least take note of at least 2013 comic books I have read in the course of the year, under the assumption that I’d read this amount anyway. This is made easier by the cinematic storytelling … Continue reading

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The Superhero’s Eternal Struggle

One time when I was in high school, I was walking to the subway with Charles, a classmate, and made a detour at St. Mark’s Comics for the latest issue of Spider-Man. Charles had a question that made me think … Continue reading

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The Infinite Norman Osborn

Norman Osborn is unusual as a comic book archenemy, because he essentially disappeared from the series for 25 years, killed off in Amazing Spider-Man #122, after doing the nastiest thing any major comic book villain has ever done to their … Continue reading

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The Goblins: A History Lesson

The last of the big three Spider-Man villains is the Green Goblin, although his reputation has changed over the years. The Green Goblin started out as a mystery villain, arguably the best in comics. When his identity was revealed, the answer was … Continue reading

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Writers and Villains

It’s worth looking at the many different ways top Spider-Man writers have handled the villains. Stan Lee co-created most of the major Spider-Man bad guys, who generally had mundane motivations, such as making money and becoming New York City’s top … Continue reading

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