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God, I love Spider-Man No Way Home

This is going to have spoilers on a very successful movie that got a love of coverage. I watched it again in Imax, and it remains really good. If Into the Spider-Verse was a big statement on Spider-Man, this is a … Continue reading

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What Amazing Spider-Man 2 Skipped

Spoiler Warning: This post is going to deal mainly with the ending of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. So proceed at your own risk. In the comics, Gwen Stacy is famous for being the first love of Peter Parker’s life, and … Continue reading

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First Weekend of August Round-Up

Jack Kirby’s Argo art sold better than expected. The cover for Dark Knight Returns #2 went for over half a million dollars. The original art market interests me, just because I think it’s really going to explode in the future. The most interesting man … Continue reading

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2013 Comics in 2013 February Progress Report

Continuing my efforts to at least take note of at least 2013 comic books I have read in the course of the year, under the assumption that I’d read this amount anyway. This is made easier by the cinematic storytelling … Continue reading

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The Superhero’s Eternal Struggle

One time when I was in high school, I was walking to the subway with Charles, a classmate, and made a detour at St. Mark’s Comics for the latest issue of Spider-Man. Charles had a question that made me think … Continue reading

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The Infinite Norman Osborn

Norman Osborn is unusual as a comic book archenemy, because he essentially disappeared from the series for 25 years, killed off in Amazing Spider-Man #122, after doing the nastiest thing any major comic book villain has ever done to their … Continue reading

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The Goblins: A History Lesson

The last of the big three Spider-Man villains is the Green Goblin, although his reputation has changed over the years. The Green Goblin started out as a mystery villain, arguably the best in comics. When his identity was revealed, the answer was … Continue reading

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Writers and Villains

It’s worth looking at the many different ways top Spider-Man writers have handled the villains. Stan Lee co-created most of the major Spider-Man bad guys, who generally had mundane motivations, such as making money and becoming New York City’s top … Continue reading

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Spider-Man’s Supporting Cast

Anyone in charge of the Spider-Man books is going to need a plan for the supporting cast. This is one category which has often been handled poorly. There have been some suggestions that the book should focus more on the supporting … Continue reading

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After the Amazing Spider-Man Trilogy…

Considering Andrew Garfield’s age, if Sony was interested in keeping him as Peter Parker after the current trilogy comes to an end, it would make sense to film the next few Spider-Man movies back to back, either as a two-part … Continue reading

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