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Politics Round-Up August 13 2013 Edition

David Fredosso of the Washington Examiner considers the costs of increasing wages for fast-food workers. Andrew Cohen of the Atlantic declares Oliver Wendell Holmes’s comments in favor of the freedom of speech the most powerful dissent in Supreme Court history. … Continue reading

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Last Weekend of July Round-Up

Charlie Savage of the New York Times considers John Roberts’s appointments to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. In making assignments to the court, Chief Justice Roberts, more than his predecessors, has chosen judges with conservative and executive branch backgrounds that … Continue reading

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July 24 2013 Politics Round-Up

On the Rolling Stone cover controversy, it’s worth considering how they have previously depicted people they didn’t like on their covers. Patrick, the two year old son of a Secret Service agent who served under George HW Bush, developed leukemia. … Continue reading

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