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Spider-Man 102: Amazing Spider-Man 1-150

These lists are essentially the comic book version of the Western Canon split into smaller digestible chunks. So, if the Spider-Man 101 list is the reading list for an inaugural Fall course on the wallcrawler, this is one of the two … Continue reading

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Spinoff Villains

A handful of Spider-Man villains are better known for their roles in other series. By far, the most successful is the Punisher. The question with this guy isn’t whether he’s good enough to belong on a list of the best Spider-Man characters, … Continue reading

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Morbius for Amazing Spider-Man 2?

I’d say there’s a new suspect for the villain of The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Morbius, the Living Vampire. A few weeks ago, Stan Lee said that Morbius was one villain he would like to see on film. It’s a slightly unusual answer … Continue reading

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