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MCU Phase 5 And Beyond

There was an argument on a comic book message board about whether the Marvel Cinematic Universe should be rebooted, and I thought that was way too premature. The X-Men and the Fantastic Four haven’t really been introduced yet. Spider-Man’s still … Continue reading

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Major Spider-Man Moments That Happened in Other Marvel Books First

For the Crawlspace, I recently wrote a piece on major events from the Spider-Man comics that happened in other Marvel titles first. This included the Aunt May and Uncle Ben who appeared in Strange Tales, the JM Dematteis Captain America … Continue reading

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Does the next movie Spider-Man have to be white?

There is currently some speculation that the film Spider-Man shared by Sony and Marvel/ Disney is going to be depicted by an African-American actor. One way this would happen is if they decide to introduce the Miles Morales Spider-Man, instead of … Continue reading

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Avoiding Or Courting Controversy In The Spider-Man comics

Should Dan Slott, Joe Quesada, Stephen Wacker and Alex Alonso avoid controversy in the Spider-Man comics after One More Day? Continue reading

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The Infinite Spider-Man and Miles Morales

In the Ultimate Comics, Peter Parker died and was replaced by a new guy: Miles Morales, a thirteen year old Half-Black, Half-Hispanic New Yorker. Miles wasn’t a clone, or descendant, which makes the character distinct from most replacement Spider-Men. So … Continue reading

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Another direction for the Amazing Spider-Man Films?

Earlier, I considered where the Marc Webb/ Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider-Man films could go after the current trilogy comes to an end, noting that Kraven the Hunter could be the villain of a multi-film storyline. But there is another possible … Continue reading

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