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Recommended June 2 2013

My search for a title for these types of posts continues. At the moment, I’ll try “Recommended.” Metsfilter sticks around as a tag. Greg Burgas’s review of Brian Wood’s first issue of X-Men offers a great insight on modern superhero … Continue reading

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Metsfilter May 30 Edition

“Stuff I Like” doesn’t quite seem like a good thing to call posts about music I heard, and articles I’ve read since it’s likely that at some point, I’ll find a well-written piece about something horrible. So for the moment, … Continue reading

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A True Conservative Would Not Have Beat Obama

At CPAC, Rick Perry suggested that the presidential elections can’t be used to gauge whether the public disagreed with conservative values, since the last two losing Republican nominees were not conservatives.¬†Bloomberg media reported that Santorum and Gingrich came pretty close … Continue reading

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Who Won’t Be Romney’s Running Mate

In an earlier piece, I looked at the people who were most likely to be on the short-list for the Republican Vice-Presidential nomination in 2012. Now, it’s time to look at some people who I can be certain will not … Continue reading

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