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Reflecting on Trump’s Win

With the recent CPAC as well as the DNC Chairman election, it seems an excuse to post a hodge-podge of comments on the state of politics after Trump’s election to the White House. I did not vote for Trump, nor … Continue reading

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Qualitative and Quantitative Research

In education, there are primarily two forms of research: Quantitative and Qualitative. Quantitative research depends on mathematical models and statistical techniques. Qualitative research is based on the researcher’s understanding. There are arguments for both. Some of the most significant researchers … Continue reading

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Recent Podcasts

I’ve listened to podcasts for a while, because I like taking long walks and have a low tolerance for boredom. I probably spend more time listening to people talk about issues and culture, than I do actually listening to music, … Continue reading

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A Democratic Rising Star Said Something Stupid About Campus Policy

Jared Polis said something stupid about campus rape accusations, guilt and innocence. Continue reading

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What Comedy Central Should Do With Trevor Noah

The problem with Trevor Noah as host of the Daily Show is that he would be a better fit to replace Larry Wilmore as Stephen Colbert’s successor rather than John Stewart’s. Continue reading

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Capital and Bestsellers

The top story on the Huffington Post right now is the success of an unlikely bestseller, a translation of the French Economist Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century. What interests me right now is the quoted sales figures. Jia Lynn … Continue reading

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July 30 2013 Politics Round-Up

The Chicago Tribune made a boo-boo. Mona Charen considers an alternative to the current Republican primary process. Jeffrey H. Anderson and Jay Cost believe so. Writing in the summer issue ofNational Affairs, they argue that the current primary system arose … Continue reading

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July 24 2013 Politics Round-Up

On the Rolling Stone cover controversy, it’s worth considering how they have previously depicted people they didn’t like on their covers. Patrick, the two year old son of a Secret Service agent who served under George HW Bush, developed leukemia. … Continue reading

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July 23 2013 Line-Up

David Jablow turned a cheesy pinup into some more imaginative images, posting 15 of those on his website. Comic Book Resources kicks off its list of the best X-Men stories. Anthony Weiner is Carlos Danger, and someone did a mock … Continue reading

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July 18 2013 Round-Up

Rolling Stone’s cover with the Boston Marathon bomber has been controversial. Tom Nawraki thinks they’re violating the spirit of a decision made decades ago not to mention the name of John Lennon’s killer. My problem with the cover story isn’t the … Continue reading

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