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Superior Spider-Man and Mary Jane… An Update

Previously, I considered the speculation that Superior Spider-Man would feature a romantic relationship between Doctor Octopus, who possesses Spider-Man’s body, and Mary Jane, who is unaware of that fact.┬áThere were concerns that this relationship, if consummated, would constitute rape. Dan … Continue reading

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Superior Spider-Man, Mary Jane and a very taboo subject

There’s one potential element of Superior Spider-Man that has resulted in a lot of conversation. A 1,000+ post thread at CBR is devoted to the question of the implications of a relationship between Spider-Ock and Mary Jane. Matt Wilson of … Continue reading

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Was Mary Jane Pregnant in One More Day?

Thomas Mets explores the fan theory of whether Mary Jane Watson was pregnant in the Spider-Man story One More Day. Continue reading

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The Stability Problem

As part of the Infinite Spider-Man series, Thomas Mets considers how the spider-marriage added flexibility, and whether that hurt the series by limiting the ability to implement the Illusion of Change. Continue reading

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