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This Should Be Collected #6: Karl Kesel’s Fantastic Four

John Seavey of Mightygodking mentioned Karl Kesel as one of the things he loves about comics. A major reason for that is his excellent scattered work on Fantastic Four. He also wrote the first few issues of ‘Fantastic Four 2099′, the … Continue reading

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Spider-Man 101: Where Do You Find the Comics?

There is one problem for new readers looking for a definitive list of good, accessible Spider-Man stories. The same material is available in so many different formats that making sense of it all can be overwhelming for a newcomer. DC … Continue reading

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This Should Be Reprinted #2: Marcos Martin’s Spider-Man

Technically, Marcos Martin’s work on Spider-Man has been reprinted in numerous Post-Brand New Day chronological collections. But I’d like to see it it all in one giant oversized hardcover, or possibly two smaller volumes. I could understand if it’s decided … Continue reading

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This Should Be Reprinted #1: Soul of the Hunter

Spider-Man is probably Marvel’s best character, but the franchise has been under-represented in collections. For example, of the 85 Marvel Premiere Classics volumes done so far, only six feature Spider-Man, compared to 15 for the X-Men (not including the four … Continue reading

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