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Superman 102: Advanced Man of Steel

There are a few notable Superman stories that benefit from an existing familiarity with the characters. So, this is the stuff to check out when you’ve seen the Superman 101 list. I’m splitting this into two categories. The 102 list is … Continue reading

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Spinoff Villains

A handful of Spider-Man villains are better known for their roles in other series. By far, the most successful is the Punisher. The question with this guy isn’t whether he’s good enough to belong on a list of the best Spider-Man characters, … Continue reading

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The Infinite Norman Osborn

Norman Osborn is unusual as a comic book archenemy, because he essentially disappeared from the series for 25 years, killed off in Amazing Spider-Man #122, after doing the nastiest thing any major comic book villain has ever done to their … Continue reading

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Marvel VS DC Part 3: Criminals and Terrorists VS Supervillains

When “civilians” imagine how typical comic book villains act, they’ll generally think of DC bad guys. These are all the Batman enemies with built-in weaknesses (Riddler’s desire to leave clues, Two-Face’s reliance on his coins), the mad scientists who Superman … Continue reading

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