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Peter Parker First

While the possible schedules and formats for the series are important for any writer or editor to consider, the purpose of the format is to serve the content. And the lead character drives the content. The central question for any Spider-Man … Continue reading

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Where Are The great Spider-Man Stories?

As a Spider-Man fan, I was envious of Superman fans due to the quality of the best comic book story of the last decade. That led me to ponder the best Spider-Man stories, especially when considering the wisdom of recent … Continue reading

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Spider-Man and Soap Operas

A related point to the claim that Spider-Man should not be like Archie is that the title should not be like a soap opera. It’s worth noting that when some detractors denigrate the “soap opera” aspects of the Spider-Man comics, they’re … Continue reading

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One of the complaints against the current Spider-Man comics was that Peter Parker was turned into Archie Andrews, a character incapable of change of growth or change. For these readers, there’s no middle ground between a commitment to change approach, … Continue reading

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Relying on the Supporting Cast

The last entry was about the argument that Peter Parker’s private life isn’t that important, because the book’s appeal is what he does as Spider-Man. A related suggestion is that because the book has such a great supporting cast, the … Continue reading

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