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Round-Up July 12 2013

Zen Habits has suggestions for getting over a fear of discomfort. Tom Hanks wants another Oscar nomination. Yo Mama jokes from the world of Harry Potter. Archie Comics settled a lawsuit with Sonic the Hedgehog writer/ artist Ken Penders. It seems … Continue reading

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Iron Man 101: Introduction to Tony Stark I

With Iron Man 3 coming out in the United States the day after tomorrow, it seems like an appropriate time to list the best Iron Man comics for a new reader. “Extremis” (Iron Man Volume 4 #1-6) Warren Ellis and … Continue reading

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Writers Hated Spider-Man’s Marriage

An important problem with the spider-marriage was that it prevented the writers from doing what they want to do. If it wasn’t for the marriage, writers would have had a much easier time changing the romantic status of their lead. But the … Continue reading

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They Neutered Mary Jane

Priest, formerly the Spider-Man writer/ editor named James Owsley, described how Mary Jane had changed from the 1960s to the 2000s. My favorite line is bolded. I’m not sure where the misfire was on Mary Jane. MJ was a man-eater: a … Continue reading

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The Best of Spider-Man VS The Marriage

A few years ago, while pondering the question of why Spider‑Man hasn’t had an All‑Star Superman, I realized that even though Spider‑Man has been married in the comics, the majority of my favorite pre-OMD Spider‑Man stories featured a single Spider‑Man. These … Continue reading

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Other options for your Spider-Man fix

The readers who prefer a married Spider‑Man often suggested that there were plenty of books available about a single Spider‑Man for anyone who preferred that status quo. The list circa-One More Day included Ultimate Spider‑Man, the Marvel Age/ Marvel Adventures line, Spider‑Man … Continue reading

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The One He Lost

The assumption with any hypothetical story in which a married Peter and MJ got divorced was that it would happen fairly quickly, because that’s how these things usually work in comics. In a post at CBR, Kurt Busiek suggested that it might have … Continue reading

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More Stories That Require A Single Spider-Man

One advantage of erasing a mechanism that essentially requires Marvel’s flagship character to only be romantically involved with one woman is that you’ll have different storytelling possibilities with other characters. A romantic triangle between Spider-Man, the Black Cat and Daredevil, … Continue reading

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