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The Bloodlust of JM DeMatteis

While writing about the Illusion of Change for the Infinite Spider-Man series, Thomas Mets considers the monumental changes in the Spider-Man comic of J.M.DeMatteis, killer of Harry Osborn and Aunt May. Continue reading

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On Bringing Back Ben Reilly

I’m ambivalent on the question of whether Ben Reilly should be resurrected. In superhero comics, there are ways to circumvent a character dissolving into dust. That’s not the problem. It could always be revealed that another clone, or an entity … Continue reading

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Kraven the Hunter as Amazing Spider-Man’s Next Big Bad

Kraven the Hunter has become a top-tier Spider-Man villain due primarily to the strength of one story in the comics. But his arc could easily be incorporated into 2-3 films, along with a few other villains. This would be a … Continue reading

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Avoiding Remakes in The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

There’s a flaw with my hunch that Sony’s going to use the next Spider-Man film to adapt the Ultimate Venom saga. It means that significant chunks of every film in the new trilogy will be spent revisiting things that viewers … Continue reading

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This Should Be Reprinted #1: Soul of the Hunter

Spider-Man is probably Marvel’s best character, but the franchise has been under-represented in collections. For example, of the 85 Marvel Premiere Classics volumes done so far, only six feature Spider-Man, compared to 15 for the X-Men (not including the four … Continue reading

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