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July 21 2013 Round-Up

R.I.P.D. joins a long line of Dark Horse properties to flop as films. The film features Ryan Reynolds as a young police officer killed in the line of duty who remains a cop in the afterline, partnered with a Wild West … Continue reading

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Recommended June 11 2013

PVP was funny today. Well, it’s often funny, but today merits special attention. Boing Boing’s excerpt for A User’s Guide to Neglectful Parenting is pretty funny. They’ve had a lot of solid comic book samples this week. A Freakonomics fan complains about … Continue reading

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Comics Read in May 2013 Part 1

With Iron Man 3 coming out, I sought out two of the most acclaimed stories featuring the Mandarin. Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin #1-6 is a solid Year One type story, notable mainly for the inventive art of Eric Canete. Iron Man … Continue reading

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