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Round-Up 2013 August 13 2013 Edition

The Atlantic considers the rise and fall of the Mid-Atlantic accent popularized by Kathryn Hepburn and Cary Grant. So how did the accent die? Thanks in part to these sharp-tongued headliners like Bogart, Americans began to see themselves better reflected … Continue reading

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Remaking Indiana Jones and Doctor Who

I considered two questions recently: Should the Indiana Jones films ever be remade? Could there be an American version of Doctor Who? The answers were radically different. I’ve enjoyed the Indiana Jones films. Earlier today, I saw the IMAX re-release … Continue reading

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Three-Act Structure: Exceptions

There are a few notable exceptions to three-act structure. So-called Art films often experiment with convention in interesting ways to find entirely different methods of telling a story. But usually the only people interested in watching these are film buffs. … Continue reading

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