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The Goblins: A History Lesson

The last of the big three Spider-Man villains is the Green Goblin, although his reputation has changed over the years. The Green Goblin started out as a mystery villain, arguably the best in comics. When his identity was revealed, the answer was … Continue reading

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Venom and Carnage, A History Lesson

It’s worth looking at the histories of Venom and Carnage, as it’s something that writers and editors can learn from. It  provides a model of how the company responded to two breakout villains, the mistakes they made and the things … Continue reading

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Peter Parker’s Profession

One of the complaints about the Brand New Day era was Peter Parker’s employment status, as some readers had been fans of what JMS did to the character, turning him into a high school teacher. The character’s life had gone … Continue reading

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The Best of Spider-Man VS The Marriage

A few years ago, while pondering the question of why Spider‑Man hasn’t had an All‑Star Superman, I realized that even though Spider‑Man has been married in the comics, the majority of my favorite pre-OMD Spider‑Man stories featured a single Spider‑Man. These … Continue reading

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Was Joe Quesada a Hypocrite?

Was Joe Quesada a hypocrite for Spider-Man: One More Day considering other developments, like Mac Gargan becoming Venom, or Aunt May learning Peter’s secret identity? Continue reading

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But Spider-Man Fans Loved The Marriage

For the Infinite Spider-Man series, Thomas Mets considers whether Spider-Man fans loved the marriage, and Joe Quesada was selfish to ignore the polls. Continue reading

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