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First Weekend of Summer Round-Up

James Gandolfini’s appearance on Sesame Street has got some play after his untimely death. Tom Carson of the Prospect contrasts James Gandolfini with other celebrity deaths.  There’s a distinction to be made between dying too young and dying too soon. … Continue reading

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Recommended June 16 2013 Edition

On Meet the Press, Former CIA Director Michael Hayden suggested that a better informed public requires a decline in operational awareness. The NSA scandal may be a white people problem. Donald Trump got tough on China on twitter. A Modern Family producer … Continue reading

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Will Republicans Try to Change the Electoral College?

Howard Dean was on Talk of the Nation recently, unhappy with the gap between the popular vote and the electoral vote. He continues to back the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which currently has the support of eight blue states … Continue reading

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How Qualified Were Fictional Presidents?

Earlier, I ranked the 43 Presidents based on their qualifications for the office, from most experienced to least. Now, I’m going to consider the records of fictional commanders-in-chief. Their ranking represents their position compared to actual Presidents. Josiah Bartlett (West Wing) … Continue reading

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How Experienced are Potential Presidents?

The last few Presidents, in terms of their resumes when they were elected to office, have been among the least qualified to hold the office. Bill Clinton is the only small-state Governor to ever become President. While George W Bush … Continue reading

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