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Are there less great films after 1994?

Quentin Tarantino recently suggested that he thinks the current film era is tied for the worst ever, at least as far as American films are concerned. This probably connects to some different views he’s shared (that film should have a … Continue reading

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Favorite Movies For Every Year

A friend of mine did something like this online, and I thought it was an interesting idea: a selection of favorite movies for every year. The gimmick my friend did was to do it for every year you’ve been alive, … Continue reading

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The Review That Got Me To Check Out “Only Angels Have Wings”

Barnes & Noble currently has a 50% off sale on Criterion collection Blu-Rays and DVDs. One of the Criterion collections I picked up was Howard Hawk’s 1939 film Only Angels Have Wings, largely due to a review by Mike D’Angelo … Continue reading

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Is Vertigo the best film ever?

Sight & Sound, the British film magazine, is known for the top ten list they assemble every ten years after polling the critics. There have been major changes over the decades, but from 1962-2002, the #1 film was always Citizen … Continue reading

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