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The Culture Shock of Brand New Day

Some of the backlash against Brand New Day was inevitable. The book suddenly had younger (defined by the year they were born, rather than the year in which they started writing Spider-Man) American writers. For 30+ years from September 1972 to … Continue reading

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End of June Round-Up

Baldwin A reporter accused Alec Baldwin’s wife of tweeting at James Gandolfini’s funeral. Baldwin’s response is arguably homophobic. Andrew Sullivan is upset about it. I’m conflicted. Even the Mail says the reporter was wrong, so Baldwin has a right to … Continue reading

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Spider-Man 102: Amazing Spider-Man 1-150

These lists are essentially the comic book version of the Western Canon split into smaller digestible chunks. So, if the Spider-Man 101 list is the reading list for an inaugural Fall course on the wallcrawler, this is one of the two … Continue reading

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The Bloodlust of JM DeMatteis

While writing about the Illusion of Change for the Infinite Spider-Man series, Thomas Mets considers the monumental changes in the Spider-Man comic of J.M.DeMatteis, killer of Harry Osborn and Aunt May. Continue reading

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