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Random Thoughts on the 2019 Oscars

Black Panther just won the SAG award for Best Ensemble. This has a decent track record with the Academy Award for Best Picture, matching 11 times out of 24. Glenn Close, Rami Malek and Mahershali Ali seem to be heavy … Continue reading

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Political Stars of the 2020s

There was a discussion on a political message board about who the political stars for the 2020s might be. Before considering that question, it seems pertinent to work backwards¬†to see what 2010s stars were doing a decade earlier. In the … Continue reading

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Best Presidential Launching Pads

An interesting question was posed in a political debate: What is the best launching pad for the presidency? What is the best public office to hold if you want that job? In the 2016 election the Republicans nominated a reality … Continue reading

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Can Mitt Romney Run Again?

There’s some chatter about Mitt Romney for President again. He ‘s a man who wanted to be President, and he has had a terrific year. The Netflix documentary, various media appearances and the flap about statements regarding his black grandson … Continue reading

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The Democratic Party Leadership in House of Cards

House of Cards seems to be one of those shows tailor-made for me. But there’s one thing ¬†it really gets wrong about the political party to which the main character belongs. In the series, the President is a middle-aged white … Continue reading

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