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Round-Up July 12 2013

Zen Habits has suggestions for getting over a fear of discomfort. Tom Hanks wants another Oscar nomination. Yo Mama jokes from the world of Harry Potter. Archie Comics settled a lawsuit with Sonic the Hedgehog writer/ artist Ken Penders. It seems … Continue reading

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Recommended June 7 2013

There are two interesting AV Club pieces tying to Game of Thrones. Tasha Robinson looks at the meaning of the Red Wedding, and where the series goes next. Brandon Narwalk and Todd VanDerWerff consider one reason the show holds up so … Continue reading

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Recommended June 3 2013

The AV Club considers the shortcomings of Star Trek: Voyager. Still, Voyager’s ratings declined in tandem with its four-year project to defang the Borg, and its final two seasons underperformed Deep Space Nine at its lowest. After the new Star Trek standard of seven seasons, Voyager ended … Continue reading

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A Small Connection Between Game of Thrones and Estonia

  According to a piece in the Economist, the fantasy genre owes a bit to the Estonians, specifically the Estonian Language. Some borrow features from natural languages: J.R.R. Tolkien’s Elvish languages, Quenya and Sindarin, were influenced by Finnish and Welsh, … Continue reading

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And the Emmy Goes Yet Again…

The Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama is probably going to go to Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul or to Peter Dinklage of Game of Thrones. This shows the major problem with the award. Actors can be nominated every … Continue reading

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