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California and the Supplemental Poverty Measure

I’ve often seen pieces comparing the economies of blue states and red states, with blue states generally coming out ahead. I was skeptical but interested in a piece by Kerry Jackson of the Pacific Research Institute on how California measures … Continue reading

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A Story of Monopoly and Regulation From Mark Twain

In his memoir Life on the Mississippi, Mark Twain has an interesting anecdote about the emergence of a monopoly. This was when he was a young steamboat pilot. It started with the development of a union, to protect wages at … Continue reading

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Paul Krugman VS Estonia Part 3

A few days ago, I posted about Estonian President Toomas Ilves’s response to a Paul Krugman blog entry. That was followed by an analysis of the commentary on the subject. Since then, Paul Krugman has made several posts for his blog about … Continue reading

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Estonia VS Paul Krugman

My family’s from Estonia, so I’m obligated to pay attention to any news story about this nation with the fraction of the population of New York City. A much circulated piece about Estonia’s financial success in the wake of the global … Continue reading

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