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When Comics Suck

In Marvel Comics: The Untold Story,┬áSean Howe summed up an uninteresting period Throughout the line, the creative assignments began to resemble a laconic game of Whac-A-Mole, with each substitution having little effect on the acceptably bland quality that had defined … Continue reading

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Spider-Man 103: Later Peter Parker

You could split the Spider-Man comics into four eras, many of which can be subdivided into later categories. The Silver Age, covered in the Spider-Man 102 reading list, included the runs of Stan Lee and Gerry Conway from Amazing Fantasy … Continue reading

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Iron Man 101: Introduction to Tony Stark I

With Iron Man 3 coming out in the United States the day after tomorrow, it seems like an appropriate time to list the best Iron Man comics for a new reader. “Extremis” (Iron Man Volume 4 #1-6) Warren Ellis and … Continue reading

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Writers and Villains

It’s worth looking at the many different ways top Spider-Man writers have handled the villains. Stan Lee co-created most of the major Spider-Man bad guys, who generally had mundane motivations, such as making money and becoming New York City’s top … Continue reading

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Is Peter Parker Doomed to Never Get the Girl?

Since One More Day, some readers came to the understanding that Peter Parker won’t get the girl, be it Mary Jane or anyone else. I didn’t think much of it. The logic behind the decision was that there are more … Continue reading

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