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Batman 102: Introduction to the Dark Knight II

After the essentials, there are several notable mostly self-contained Batman tales well worth hunting down for anyone with an interest in the caped crusader. Son of the Demon An original graphic novel by Mike Barr and Jerry W. Bingham as … Continue reading

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Comic Books 101

The latest issue of World’s Finest is an example of why comic books are so impenetrable to outsiders. The story follows the daughter of Batman and Catwoman from an alternate universe introduced in Earth Two (the book best known for featuring … Continue reading

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How Superior Spider-Man is like a cover song

A potential argument against Marvel demoting Peter Parker to a supporting character is that a similar story could be done without the new protagonist taking the place of the most popular character. Doctor Octopus could become a hero in his own … Continue reading

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DC’s Superhero Families

One of the most common complaints against changing aspects of Peter Parker’s life in One More Day was that other superheroes have spouses and children, so that this should be appropriate for Spider-Man. For brevity’s sake, I’ll ignore the critics … Continue reading

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