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Superman 103: The Epic Man of Steel

There are several longer Superman stories worth hunting down for someone who has come to like the character enough to read a 40+ issue arc. There are also a few notable creative runs worth reading in their entirety, as well … Continue reading

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Brand New Day and All-Star Superman

Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s twelve-issue run of All-Star Superman is probably the best comic book of the last decade. It’s when I discovered that The Dark Knight Returns can be surpassed by DC. It made me realize I prefer Superman to Batman. And … Continue reading

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Flashpoint VS One More Day

Comparison of the erasure of Spider-Man and Mary Jane’s marriage in Marvel’s Spider-Man: One More Day to the removal of Superman’s marriage to Lois Lane in Geoff Johns’s DC Comics story Flashpoint. Continue reading

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The Temporary Spider-Man

A few comparisons were made between character progression in the Spider‑Man comics, and how protagonists changed in various movies and books. I thought this was a flawed example, because the Spider‑Man books represent a serial drama, which has lasted for … Continue reading

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