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The Infinite Spider-Man: Commitment To Change And Other Alternatives

As part of the Infinite Spider-Man series, the advantages of the Commitment to Change approach are considered, as well as the various ways it could work out (Miles Morales, Ben Reilly, clones and a new generation of heroes.) Continue reading

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The Bloodlust of JM DeMatteis

While writing about the Illusion of Change for the Infinite Spider-Man series, Thomas Mets considers the monumental changes in the Spider-Man comic of J.M.DeMatteis, killer of Harry Osborn and Aunt May. Continue reading

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Compromises and the commitment to change

After One More Day, some fans suggested possible compromises for Marvel as ways the status quo could have been changed without a retcon. One suggestion to get rid of the marriage while preserving the commitment to change was that Mary … Continue reading

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The Commitment to Change

If the current direction is an illusion of change approach in which writers and editors aren’t beholden to the series as a clear linear narrative, an alternative would be a commitment to change, in which major developments were not contradicted … Continue reading

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