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The Infinite Spider-Man: Fans VS Writers

There are some unresolved questions about the direction of the Spider-Man comics, and the future of the books in the aftermath of One More Day. A discussion about the direction of the title also involves considerations of what the title … Continue reading

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Priorities of Fans and Writers

An analysis by Thomas Mets of the differing priorities of comic book fans and writers, especially when it comes to payoff and setup, with an emphasis on Spider-Man: One More Day. Continue reading

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Why Comic Book Editors Don’t Accept Unsolicited Pitches

A few comic book fans seem to think that nothing would please an editor or writer more than hearing their ideas for a franchise. Some of the fans hope for a job. Two anecdotes illustrate why this isn’t likely to … Continue reading

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Explaining the differences between Action Comics and Superman

DC Comics Executives refused to confirm or deny that the company was planning to launch a Man of Steel monthly title by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee to coincide with the upcoming movie. This would be the third solo Superman … Continue reading

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