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Iron Man 101: Introduction to Tony Stark I

With Iron Man 3 coming out in the United States the day after tomorrow, it seems like an appropriate time to list the best Iron Man comics for a new reader. “Extremis” (Iron Man Volume 4 #1-6) Warren Ellis and … Continue reading

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Religion and Politics in the Spider-Man Comics

One question for the next Spider-Man writers and editors is how to depict religion and politics in the comics. ┬áIt’s something that many readers take quite seriously, and for the most part, writers have been vague about the religious and … Continue reading

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Did Joe Quesada Lie?

Did Joe Quesada lie about One More Day or One Moment in Time, the Spider-Man stories that retconned Peter Parker’s marriage to Mary Jane? Continue reading

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West Virginia Needs a new state motto

West Virginia has a compelling origin, breaking away from the Confederate state of Virginia during the Civil War. There’s an appeal to that, especially to people upset by all the celebrations of the Confederacy that still exist in the South. … Continue reading

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