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August 7 2013 Politics Round-Up

The Nation referred to the bombing of Hiroshima as the greatest act of terrorism in human history. Greg Polowitz of the National Review is not amused. William Saletan considers the sex scandals of Jewish politicians Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer and … Continue reading

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July 31 2013 Politics Round-Up

After the stories about how Hillary Clinton wants to cut ties with Huma Abedin due to her husband’s embarrassing mayoral campaign, the new piece about how they’re all worried about Abedin is politically more useful. She’s now taking a break from working … Continue reading

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July 30 2013 Politics Round-Up

The Chicago Tribune made a boo-boo. Mona Charen considers an alternative to the current Republican primary process. Jeffrey H. Anderson and Jay Cost believe so. Writing in the summer issue ofNational Affairs, they argue that the current primary system arose … Continue reading

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