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On Bringing Back Ben Reilly

I’m ambivalent on the question of whether Ben Reilly should be resurrected. In superhero comics, there are ways to circumvent a character dissolving into dust. That’s not the problem. It could always be revealed that another clone, or an entity … Continue reading

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Ben Reilly, Replacement Spider-Man?

If you’re unfamiliar with the Clone Saga, the Comics Cube has a good write-up.┬áBasically in the 1990s, Marvel decided to reveal that the Peter Parker who had appeared in the Spider-Man comics for twenty years was actually a clone, while … Continue reading

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Hyping the Scarlet Spider

As moderator of the CBR Spider-Man boards, I have noticed that Ben Reilly has a few fans. ┬áRecently Marvel has been hinting that he may return in some fashion, so this has resulted in a fair amount of discussion. For … Continue reading

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