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The Bloodlust of JM DeMatteis

While writing about the Illusion of Change for the Infinite Spider-Man series, Thomas Mets considers the monumental changes in the Spider-Man comic of J.M.DeMatteis, killer of Harry Osborn and Aunt May. Continue reading

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Religion and Politics in the Spider-Man Comics

One question for the next Spider-Man writers and editors is how to depict religion and politics in the comics.  It’s something that many readers take quite seriously, and for the most part, writers have been vague about the religious and … Continue reading

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J Jonah Jamesons

While Peter Parker has held different occupations in the comics, his most recognizable employer remains J Jonah Jameson. The former Editor in Chief of the Daily Bugle, and the current mayor of the Marvel Universe’s New York City, fits perfectly … Continue reading

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They Neutered Mary Jane

Priest, formerly the Spider-Man writer/ editor named James Owsley, described how Mary Jane had changed from the 1960s to the 2000s. My favorite line is bolded. I’m not sure where the misfire was on Mary Jane. MJ was a man-eater: a … Continue reading

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The Big Time and One More Day

Did developments during the Big Time era of the Spider-Man comics contradict Joe Quesada’s rationale for One More Day? With multiple excerpts from the Spider-Man Crawlspace podcast. Continue reading

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Was Joe Quesada a Hypocrite?

Was Joe Quesada a hypocrite for Spider-Man: One More Day considering other developments, like Mac Gargan becoming Venom, or Aunt May learning Peter’s secret identity? Continue reading

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